Why don't female protagonists often get to date?

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Well they don’t really like to date because they are always programmed with the most tragic backstory ever concerning the one time they didn’t do a perimeter check - on their wedding day! Just awful.


Female protagonists don’t get to date because video game writing is shit. The intersection of “video games with well-written female characters” and “video games with well-written romance options” is essentially empty, and that’s largely because there are so few examples of either.

If you’re looking for a game featuring a homosexual relationship that’s text instead of subtext, The Last of Us DLC is about two teenage girls out on a date…and zombies.


I’m trying to remember the last time a male protagonist in a computer game went on a date.
I’m assuming that Duke Nukem saying “Dance, baby, dance” doesn’t qualify as a date.

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Wait - do you want games to pass the Bechdel test or don’t you?

I wonder if that is related to a theory I read about female slasher protagonists. According to that theory it was all about boys during puberty being as the main target audience. Supposedly those actually identify better with young women than with adult men but only as long as their sexuality is minimized. And that’s also why any sort of sexual activity is so dangerous in slasher films.

Oh I know! I know! Call on me!

It’s because action heroes don’t date. They acquire sex objects. But only men are allowed to do this. Seriously, can you imagine Jamie Bond riding off with her newly-conquered enemy, Penis Galore?


A good example of gender diversity, tough characters, and romance (and even good ol’ sexy times) in a complex video game: Dragon Age (And also Mass Effect). There definitely needs to be more games like it though.

Bonus points: it’s made/produced by a big studio, big budget, sold lots, and was really well received by reviewers.


Um … what?!

On topic:

Some female protags don’t get to do straight romance because it might “squick out the dudes”.

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If you wanted to keep the animal theme going, wouldn’t it be Cock Galore?

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