Why, I DO believe today is…


This thread is for (f)owls, not fouls. Any mention of any multi-billion-dollar sporting event that may also be occurring today, is strictly prohibited.

By the way, what is the word for someone particularly fond of strigiformes…? Can’t believe they can’t lay claim to a ‘phile’.

Here’s one which illustrates my feelings at the start of the 11-men-and-a-bag-of-wind season (or should that be 11-bags-of-wind-and-a-man…?) and just about everything. There ain’t much that impresses me the days…



We’ve already started the backlash to the backlash of the backlash. Do try to keep up. Pip pip, cheerio!


Consider this the backlash to that, then. So meta…

Pfft. I’m so far ahead you’re already being lapped, matey. :smiley:


It’s presumably well into tomorrow over there by now.

Streets of Seattle seem quite quiet for some reason. Some people like setting fireworks off occasionally, though.


Yep. We’ve known the result for some time now, but I don’t want to spoil it for everyone, just in case they’re a fan.



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