Why I love The Browser

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It has a deceptively simple premise: every weekday it recommends five articles worth reading, providing a succinct summary of each.

Sounds delicious for my brain.


The single largest example in my life of technology that I looked at and could not grok how deeply impactful it would be on life is hypertext. That html became such a universal way to communicate just about any experience was not in any way obvious from looking at my high school friend’s hypercard class notes. That “the browser” became the default way to perform almost every application still shocks me. The next closest thing is not recognizing that smart phones would ever be a thing.

Anyway that’s what I thought this article would be about.


I thought it was going to be a hot take about this guy


Same. For sure I was looking forward to some hypertext rhapsodizing. But no, it’s a sales pitch.


Adblock kills the whole article. Native advertising, faugh

Last week the university of Ghent gave Tim Berners-Lee an honorary doctorate, and I wrote a short article about it. Imagine the trouble I had trying to say in as few words as possible what hypertext was and hyperlinks, and how all of that came together to well you know the rest, but does genpub? It was only in the eighties, but look around you: a huge part of the world has no knowledge of the eighties at all, let alone what came before.


That’s a pretty tech savvy high school friend

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At the time it just kind of looked like a cartoon version of powerpoint with links. He was basically using them as flashcards for vocabulary. He was one of those weird Apple early adopters way before iPhones.

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