Why is Cow vigilantism a thing?

Because religion.


That’s all there is to it. I’ve seen this Hindu Fundamentalism happening since I started paying attention to “atheist news” over ten years ago.

Religion leads to violence over nonsense all the time.


(Apologies for tacking this onto a serious subject.)


It’s as good a “reason” to “justify” violence as any other.


Have to disagree. This atheist knows plenty of non-violent people of faith.

Let’s not forget that the main victims of this are people of another religion.

I’d love to live in a world where people rejected religion because it’s a mass delusion. But I don’t regard that as a pre-requisite for living in a just world.


Religion does not cause problems. Religion is only a concept, same as terrorism or democracy.

We can’t beat ideas, but history say we’ve done a lot of dying in trying.


I’m of the mind that religion becomes the crutch for a lot of actions, both good and bad, that believers could find a way to rationalize anyway. But I also recognize that it’s part of the human condition for billions and as a pragmatist, I choose to share the Earth with those I know are fantastically wrong about the hows and whys of existence. Basically, I find it more useful to appeal to their better angels than to try to talk them out of believing in angels…(ooh, that’s pretty good, gonna use that in a story).

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That’s the real problem right there - not religion, but belief. It is easy to have religion without belief, and belief without religion. The way humans think, it is incredibly difficult to stop believing in one thing without one’s mind replacing it with belief in something else. Bullshit-proof humans are ones who can posit any ideas, without believing in them, or anything else.

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Is this why the word “cult” evolved from a neutral description of the rituals surrounding a particular religious figure (i.e the cult of the virgin into a pejorative for new religious movements (implying that it consists of meaningless worship on a nonexistent deity)

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