Why New Orleans has a cable car from San Francisco in its streetcar barn

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Well there’s no real way to run a cable car on streetcar tracks. There’s no moving cable buried in a slot for it to grab. I suppose that you could add couplers and tow it behind a streetcar, but that might require significant modification to the streetcar. since they usually aren’t designed to tow unpowered vehicles.


I haven’t ridden the F line in San Francisco in several years. Are they still running vintage trolleys from all over the world? It sure was a joy to ride on trolleys from different eras and places on the commute home from work every day.

Vintage San Francisco Streetcars: The F-line


Yes, they are and they’re beautiful!


Photo from the site you linked because it’s too good not to share.



I grew 6 blocks from the barn. Hope you enjoyed your time in the neighborhood. The Carrollton Station bar on the next block is a nice watering hole if you happened to be looking for one

The barn is the easiest thing to find in S. Carrollton; just follow the tracks. They only turn off Carrollton on Willow and Jeanette and the barn is obvious as soon as you turn on either street.


I’m not sure why it was so hard for us to find. In our defense, we didn’t know what it was called so we couldn’t google it easily. Also, we followed some tracks and they weren’t live ones, as it turns out. I guess when you don’t know a city, it’s easy to get lost. But, yes, love the area! That’s so cool that you grew up there. I’ll definitely go back. Shoot some more recs if you can.


They should give it back if they’re not using it,

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Indeed, but not exactly ‘efficient;’ ride them for nostalgia/novelty’s sake only.

When my mom last came out to the Bay area, we did the whole tourist thing; and when it was time to head back to BART, we took the F line back from the Fisherman’s Wharf to Market and 5th. Took over an hour…

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