Old photos of streetcars deposited in the ocean near Los Angeles (and the fish that love them)


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Well. I don’t remember seeing this one when it ran in 2011.

@beschizza: Got any ideas why these old posts keep cropping up?


Bunch of lazy slacker fish, living in their parent’s basements! It would stimulate more economic growth if they each secured their own private streetcar!


Well, it’s official: the Los Angeles rail system sleeps with the fishes.


this is like the BoingBoing version of Facebook Flashback, i guess?

The copy in the show full post view is not the same as the permalink, either.

but yes, the destruction of the interurban light rail in the US is possibly the single most boneheaded thing in our entire history (excluding Vietnam and all the wars in the Mid-East, of course.)


No! A mystery


you should oughta do a flashback item now and then, though. some of these are fun.

or, y’know, just don’t fix the bug.


Getting 6 to 9 in a day, some dating back to 2006 and with links that no longer point to what the article references, is kind of a drag.


I dunno, for me it’s been a grab bag. Sometimes you get something cool. Sometimes not. Doesn’t bug me either way.


@falcor another time warp…