Why Titan is the only colonizable world in the solar system beyond Earth


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Just warm clothing? At -180C?


Doesn’t living underground on the Moon address most radiation concerns?

Also ISS already exposes astronauts to about same amount of radiation as on lunar surface. Half the time they’re shielded by Earth (as they orbit behind it shielded from the Sun) and half the time they’re directly exposed to solar radiation.

Same on the Moon’s surface.


Yeah. Right. Is that equally unlimited as “the coal and oil in Earth’s crust”? Or rather as “the wood in Earth’s forests”. Maybe as unlimited as “fresh, clean water” or “the fish in Earth’s seas”…

But on the other hand… Flying would be cool :slight_smile:


Great to see we’ve learnt our lessons from the exploitation of the Earth…


ISS is in low Earth orbit, which gives it protection from a lot of radiation by the van Allen belts.


Except the moon itself is also irradiated. Remember: Radiation is absorbed quickly, and released slowly, by just about everything.


Clothing that covers skin and provides warmth, really.




Oh well. Doom it is, then!

Doom was on Mars!


John Lithgow says Titan’s atmosphere is worse than a bad day in Los Angeles.


Well… in Titan’s case there are literally OCEANS of hydrocarbon sludge. It probably is effectively unlimited.


To Ganymede and Titan
Yes, sir, I’ve been around
But there ain’t no place
In the whole of Space
Like that good ol’ toddlin’ town
Oh! Lunar City Seven
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Out of ten, you score eleven
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But on the plus side, human-lead Climate Change would work to our advantage there! :wink:


Just imagine what kind of temperature changes we can accomplish with all of that hydrocarbon sludge that @tamooj mentioned!


Bundle up, or you’ll catch your death!


As the ultimate source of a forest’s trees is the sun. it is essentially unlimited, if it is harvested in a reasonable manner.


Well hey, the movie Oblivion wasn’t that off the mark when they “claimed” that humanity had made a new home on Titan after the attack.


No worse than Minnesota.