Why we never forget how to ride a bike


Agree about the fearless thing.

When I was 12, I went skiing for the first time, and within minutes, I was navigating icy turns around trees, playing “follow the leader”.

Fifteen years later, I went a second time. Nothing but pizza and french fries until I got tired of wiping out. Guess I’ll just be a beach guy, then.


I wish this kind of memory would work for golf. In midsummer, I’m a bogey golfer, but come spring, my first few rounds are a struggle to break 100.

Yes, the article would say that golf is far more complicated then bicycle riding, but I can still wish, can’t I?


Plus, perhaps some of them tend to go too slow and speed is proportionate to balance, as a generalisation.

On the other hand, as someone for whom golf is a four letter word, I wish people would much more readily forget how to play golf!! :wink:


Thanks for this! Picked up the book, reading it now. Meaty and delicious.


doesn’t a unicycle also require a pretty good amount of core strength? Could be people aren’t forgetting so much as just can’t anymore.


Great book. Read it so long ago I can recall little more than the title. Perhaps the rediscovery of the “phrenes” - in the stomach’s influence over the brain will lead to a deeper understanding of consciousness - or unconscious decision making. Cosmic Consciousness is another worthy tome for those interested in where consciousness lies and its evolution. Sometimes, back in the day, when heavily stoned, I would forget where I was driving to. But rather than become frustrated I figured that if I just kept going, sooner or later it would come to me.


That’s something I did not think about. You may well be right.


It all has to come from your legs. No coasting. Also bikes are pretty stable and can go pretty far without a rider. Nothing is holding that seat up on a unicycle and it will flop over and stop things quickly if you are not keeping your weight on that center post.


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