Why you should build your brand with a .tech domain name

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…or you can make your brand REALLY stand out with a .su domain name!

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Also excellent for one’s completely American blog praising the fine work of President Trump.


There doesn’t seem to be a facility for checking whether a domain is available, but I’m assuming these are still up for grabs, as they don’t respond to pings:

  • microsoft.tech
  • apple.tech
  • oracle.tech

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of the ICANN cash rush to increase the number of TLDs. Perhaps even stupider is the dot “support” TLDs. I was looking for a FAQ on my domain host’s site and the link to the support documents wasn’t to their .com domain nor a subdomain, instead, since they sell alternate TLDs, they put all their support docs at their name dot support. That is a practice just made for phishing.

Businesses should use subdomains of their regular domain, not alternate TLDs. Grrr…


Case in point: the guy who draws Questionable Content briefly registered and ran walmart.horse (the web site consisted solely of a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart) before legal hassles made the joke not worth continuing.

If the only legitimate owner for $NAME.tech, $NAME.support, $NAME.horse, etc. is whoever owns $NAME.​com, then “cash rush” is a pretty good description.

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.kp is another good one for unique marketing opportunities.

Nothing says “uncompromising” quite like not having the usual .com suffix.


many things can go wrong. many of the people who grabbed news domains would like to sell you a load of bull.

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In contrast to .su the .kp domain names are really hard to get unless you have a in with the North Korean government. The flip side of this is that there are only a handful of domains given away thus far, leaving all the remaining digital real estate up for hypothetical grabs.

It’s kind of like having your name with a numerical suffix as your email address - it shows you couldn’t get the alias you wanted.


This is clearly a call for help. Boing Boing is screaming, “I have given up the will to live, please put me out of my misery… please! Anyone?”

The whole TLD expansion is a scam. If you put your business at MyAwesomeBiz.tech and you don’t also own MyAwesomeBiz.com you are in trouble because your customers will all be typing MyAwesomeBiz or MyAwesomeBiz.com anyway.

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Definitely. But the scarcity of .com addresses is still a real thing. Any of us could have made bank if we’d thought to register good names before the dot com boom. Even now, every 3 letter domain is worth tens of thousands of dollars, and are traded in China. They seem to be a kind of fungible currency there, and an easy way to launder money. And thieves steal domains and quickly move them to Chinese registrars who won’t give them back, making the registrars convenient fences for stolen property. (Not unique to Chinese registrars, but China is outside US legal jurisdiction, making it harder to sue them to get the domains back.)

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