Every tech brand should be using a .tech domain

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/02/24/every-tech-brand-should-be-usi-2.html

So, when is Stack Social changing to .tech? :thinking:


boingboing.tech is available

(So is stacksocial.tech)


The two I searched for are available, but the sale prices aren’t.

No, no they shouldn’t.


In this case, boing boing and stacked social are suggesting you change your primary business presence to a temporarily discounted.tech domain, which will certainly go up in price once you’re locked into it. That really doesn’t seem like a good idea. And, I’d add, coms are still the premium domain names because people know that they’re harder to get the name you want. So if you have it that means you’ve got money, or you got in early, or something. A domain name like dot tech is like having an email alias “bob31211” instead of “bob”. It means you got second choice, or third, or 31,211th…

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