,, and other unregistered domains


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Wow.,, etc. aren’t taken?

I’m amazed. I actually know of a metal band named, “Vampire Moose”. They are good.


I noticed “” wasn’t taken, small wonders and all…


Surely all of these will be registered soon, right? Like, even though on one level I know there’s no such site, I feel compelled to visit them just out of pure curiosity.

#5 is dying to be registered for one of those “[brand name] sucks” sites.

I kinda want to register it myself. So many options…


They should start up before it gets snagged up… pronto!


I’m geting for my new band


I notice a lot of these are compounded from two words that would be pretty close in the dictionary, like yogayakuza. That means it’s a pretty low-entropy process, and it should be simple to recombine the parts into thousands more domains. Let the games begin!


I wish my buddy and I hadn’t let our awesome domain name expire, the glorious! Bought it after a drunken session just before he got married. He’d amassed something of a porn collection during his single years and wanted to get rid of it. Only real option, other than the garbage, was eBay, but there was a problem: list it as hardcore and it got banned, list it as softcore and no-one was interested. Our genius idea was a trading post for second-hand porn. Probably the most disgusting idea we ever had. Bought the domain name, but that was as far as it went. Internet porn has probably killed the dream for good now…


For some reason, really amuses me. I can’t quite explain why.


Most of these straddle the fine line between awesome band name and band name you’d get tired of explaining after the third time you were ask. My fellow members of Amateur Baby will totally back me up on this.


Honestly, it would’ve failed given that most people are perfectly content using just one hand.


I’m disappointed that Firaxis Games doesn’t seem to have set up.


Lotta good band names.
I like Rootbeer Rubdown


Man, I could go for one too.

…Oh, you mean…yeah, good band name!



that one totally caught my eye, too. I LOL’ed.


…are, sadly, all taken.

BUT… is



You steamed?

#20 has become available again I see. Registering and sitting on bizarre domain names is fun if you are a re-seller and it only costs a few bucks, otherwise it’s an expensive hobby with little reward. Anybody miss the good old days of name squatting?