Amazon pays $4.6m for .buy domain suffix


Who did they buy it from?

ICANN, I suppose?

Anyway, I don’t like this idea of for-profit companies maintaining control of TLDs. I mean, I guess it’s just because companies can make high bids for them, right?


There was so much fuss over new TLDs like .xxx and .biz, and I think I’ve only seen either one of them once or twice. I have little confidence other ones will catch on.


I think the only other one that people were hyped for was .cat, but that’s reserved for Catalonian language related things.


I’m confused by the back story here. ICANN gets to sell entire domain suffix’ to a “highest bidder”? How is that even legal or defensible? I know, money talks, blah blah blah but was there ever a debate on this? Who said this was okay, and when???

Well, I wonder how much the suffix .awesome would cost? Or .bollocks perhaps. This could really be fun given time to run with it.

It took me forever to realize when Warren Ellis kept saying (on his email list or Facebook posts) that he posted daily at “” that he meant that quite literally - is his daily blog site these days.

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