A copyright troll took down my Tumblr, and it sucked. Here's why it could happen to you

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Tumblr is pretty shitty when it comes to copyright and IP in general. They also have a history of taking away URLs from users and handing them to corporations just because the corp asked.

That’s why I say if you don’t own the platform, you don’t control it either.


If this happens to BoingBoing?

Or when?

In before I could say it. If you’re serious about this blogging thing, get your own domain and run your own site.


I would phrase it as:

If you’re serious about any type of writing or even just having an online presence, you gotta get your own site.


I was wondering why his site went down. It’s my favorite place on the internet. I was going thru withdrawal.

But this is why I have my own domain for my site. Those files are there and no one can take them down - other than me.


I often forget about that tumbler, then rediscover it and lose 3 days of productivity as I binge on it. with glee.


Wouldn’t it be great fun to hear that someone tracked down a few copyright trolls and just beat the living Bejezus out of them. I really get tired of all the random this and random that kind of news. A purposeful, dedicated heart-felt ass-stomping would be just the thing for some of these human shaped pus bags. I know this isn’t very eloquent or enlightened to express such thoughts but it would really would just bring a smile to my heart.

OK, I’ll go plant a tree tomorrow to keep my karma from crashing any worse than it already is…and if enough of us did it we could get a fair sized forest growing perhaps


Only if BB has a Tumblr.

That reminds me, there must be new Interne K-hole by now.


Though they don’t seem to be doing a lot with it.

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Maybe tone down the Donald Trump a bit? I mean, Jesus, this kind of trolling is bad, but it’s not cruel and unusual punishment bad. I know you’re just using rhetoric, but frankly, the kind of talking coming out of US-based blogs and media is ramping up the rhetorical violence to an alarming degree and maybe mutants could dial it back a bit?


When people who don’t own the platform they’re publishing on gripe about losing content, all I can think is “I’m sorry that your sandcastle washed away, maybe use bricks and build further inland?”


Actually, I believed that current day copyrights are now the eternal properties to corporations that trade/use them for profit and/or competition. Those rights can ether be inherited (in case of Disney), or sold off (like what happened to MidWay games). They never thought about lazy assholes who obtain copyrights and patents, and only use those for the sake of profiting off of lawsuits.


The problem is that people are attracted to platforms like Tumblr in order to be discovered by others. Opening a brand new site not connected to a social network means you have to invest time in steering readers to your posts that most people would rather spend posting content.


Well said. (Though I personally prefer hover for my domain name(s).)


That’s bring up 2 things:
HTML coding
video embedding

One is easier to do now a days with the right softwares in hand.
The other is very difficult to do unless you got the tools to embed your own video without using any short of service such as Youtube and DailyMotion.

On the contrary, HTML coding got quite more complex since the earlier times.

And video embedding in HTML5 is about as easy as it can be; convert to .mp4 and to .webm, use the <video> tag.

With a few scripts you can even generate a video gallery automatically or semiautomatically.

So you no longer need Youtube for anything now right? Especially when it come to long video reviews like Nostalgia critic, or AVGN?

Youtube is a handy thing. But it is not a strictly mandatory thing.