Verizon "trying to sell Tumblr"

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That picture is fucking awful. Not cool, Rob.

ETA: it has since been changed


I rarely have billion dollar ideas, but I have one now: Buy tumblr on the cheap and remove the nudity ban.

My only problem then would be picking out docking ropes to match my new yacht.

Oh, and banning Alex Jones. Because fuck.


Yeah, thanks for making my day shittier, Rob.


I got $20. Should be enough to pay for at least half.


Creating an account just to say that I really didn’t appreciate a photo of a dead cat in my RSS feed. Thoughtless.


It’s dead horses you’re supposed to flog.
But not really, OK?


please don’t use that photo

I cannot possibly be the only one that finds it very distressing


With apologies, I have replaced the photo. The free cat is now alive.


Much better, thank you! I know it’s a silly thing to complain about… but things are bleak enough as-is. It’s good to come here and see pics that make me happier, not sadder, where it’s possible. (And such a cute kitty, too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


That’s how most people here began. You just got to express your disappointment right from the start*.


You are now one of us forever.

*That will become clear later. :grinning:


Where does Shingy fit into all this? (The state of Tumblr, I mean.) As their digital prophet he’d have presumably seen this coming, or know a way to fix it, or at least offer up admonitions if not jeremiads.


*half-hearted, disappointed chorus of “One of us…” that peters out mournfully.


Thank you, Rob. The replacement photo is amusing. The other one was simply depressing.

I wonder if that free cat is related to this found cat:


My tumblr was clean, and my feed was like 85% clean (even by their puritan standards) so the NSFW ban shouldn’t have affected me, but then whoops things that shoulda been fine got blocked and people who tried to overturn blocks suddenly got banned which should have been the extent of the stupidity…

But not only did the pornbots still exist, they got bolder. My follower count jumped by like 200 overnight because it was p-bots were essentially advertising that they were still around. That wasn’t the end of it though, and a thing I’m disappointed to see news articles didn’t report on was that legit accounts were getting hijacked by bots which were juicy targets because your porns could get into the feed of 20k followers instantly. But the victims would try to contact tumblr and get ignored, tried contacting them outside through twitter and would get blocked, and the bots raged on.

It wasn’t the NSFW ban that drove me away, it was the sheer indifference.


Which one? Because I think possum’s are kinda neat. My (semi)feral cat is actually named Possum. Possums are good for tick control as they have a weirdly low body temperature and do not usually get a lot a diseases (they groom themselves and kill the ticks), rabies being one. Sure, they’ll foam at the mouth but that is just one of their weird defense mechanisms, besides looking hideous.


I guess I didn’t see the earlier picture.


What was that German word again? Oh, right, Schadenfreude. That’s what I’m feeling over this news.

[also didn’t see the earlier picture, thankfully]

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I updated my post to clarify. I like possums as well - so no gripes with the new picture.

The original picture was of a dead cat on a road and a spray painted sign pointing to it saying “free cat”. It was completely tasteless (and not in a good way) and needlessly triggering to us animal lovers here.


Apparently Porn hub wants to buy it and bring back the porn!

Once again, I wonder whether social media that isn’t being hideous in some fashion is actually economically viable.

I’m fairly certain that Oath’s mishandling of Tumblr had to do with trying to maintain advertisers who aren’t interested in being associated with a porn-infested platform. Which means a non-censorious regime would need to charge the users directly.

And that will never fly either, especially given the demographics of that particular site.

My suspicion is that Tumblr (like pretty much any social media platform I’ve ever used) was doomed as soon as it grew beyond a certain size…

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