Wordpress is buying Tumblr

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call me when they bring back porn


Yahoo can screw up anything, need evidence just go to Tumblr, bring a hanky for your tears.

Wordpress gives the furry community hope again?


No word as to whether Automattic will get rid of Tumblr’s world-beatingly-terrible pornography filter.

" Automattic’s Chief Executive Matt Mullenweg told the Wall Street Journal that he plans to maintain the ban."

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I quit using Yahoo because of Oaf’s horrible terms of service (which boil down to “we own anything you do on your computer”) So far, DuckduckGo hasn’t sprung anything like that.


Tumblr’s “adult content ban” is a well-established joke, a poorly conceived, ineptly implemented, and deeply unfair joke at that. Just the other evening, I saw a blog which was restricted but which had no nudity of any kind. What it did have were a lot of positive and helpful posts addressing non-binary teens and young adults. Is this why it was restricted? No one knows because Tumblr doesn’t explain why. My blog (https://gentlemanlosergentlemanjunkie.tumblr.com/) is also restricted and my appeals have been ignored. My personal preference is not to see hardcore pornography in my feed, so I don’t follow porn blogs. But, I am followed by porn blogs every single day – none of which are restricted. Meanwhile, some of the vintage photography blogs I follow have content restricted that is not pornographic by any possible definition. It’s not simply that Verizon decided on an utterly meathead definition of and course of action to address pornography, it’s that they went about it in the most inept and idiotic manner possible. For example, what is the purpose of preventing me from viewing my own archive? There is no purpose in preventing others from viewing it, either, since the offending posts have been hidden, but preventing me from seeing it just feels like some kind of asinine punishment. There are many things WordPress can do to make this right, even if they stop short of a complete lifting of the porn ban. My feeling at this point, though, is that Verizon’s actions have permanently damaged Tumblr and that even this new management will not bring it back.

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