Why your brain creates straw men and doesn't realize it


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Oh really? Why do you hate all men? Hmmm?


I bet you’re only asking that because you don’t think straw exists!


Yeah, like my brain ALWAYS creates strawmen and I NEVER realize it. Sure.


I only use straw men because the straw gives me traction to climb up the goddamn slippery slope you live on top of!


Of course you are going to create your own versions of the arguments you are against. Just make sure they are better than the actual argument being made and you’ll be fine.


Philosophical disagreements are like a chess game. If you can’t look at the opposing side and play their pieces like you want to win, you’re going to lose.


You own a gun? Why do you rednecks hate children? Do you like school shootings? Hmmm?


Logic is logos.

Emotion is pathos.

Meh is os.


Case in point, I made this comment without really reading the article or comments.



Straw men can’t melt steel beams.


If the goal here is better thinking, then I wish we could agree to use the word “brain” when we’re talking about the tasty zombie kibble at the top of our bodies; and then maybe say “mind” when we’re talking about the processes by which we come to decisions. The two terms are not synonymous, especially if the topic is neuroscience or cognition.



Can we agree that when it is me it is rhetoric, and when it is you it is semantics?


Damnit, there you go again, burning down my straw man!


Perhaps philosophers use this distinction. But in neuroscience, “mind” is not a useful scientific term.


That seems to be the point: that we should use “brain” when we’re talking about neuroscience, and “mind” when we’re talking about thinking our thoughts. Hardware versus software, in a way.


similarly, “want” and “need”. What a world it would be if brains and minds could tell the difference.

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