Wikileaks founder Julian Assange running for senate in Australia


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Would you vote for someone who has been accused of rape and is hiding from his accusers?


If his circumstances are those of Assange’s, then YES. That was easy.


I find it astounding that so many people (including a lot of women - unbelievable) just dismiss these accusations because of the man’s politics and his paranoid tales of big, bad, America wanting to kidnap and torture him. I doubt very seriously if the American government could do anything to him even if they wanted to. What if he is hiding because he DID rape those women?

As a two-time rape victim, I feel that he should face his accusers.

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I feel that he should face his accusers.

So did Assange.

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What a delightful story. You believe everything you hear about your “heroes”?

He looks like a sleazy coward to me.

Well, never mind evidence - he looks like a dick- throw away the key!

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He looks like a sleazy coward to me.

Sleazy? Maybe. Coward? Nope.

You believe everything you hear about your “heroes”?

Nope, I research things. This video sums it up nicely though. So do you challenge any of the facts presented or is this drivel all ya got?

BTW, do you believe everything you hear about your "villains"?

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I don’t see why not. It is sad that cases involving rape in a consensual relationship are rarely pursued; but that this one man is an exception pursued across nations clearly does not mean they have started taking it seriously, and reflects an axe to grind against him.

Accused rapists ought to face their accusers and have a fair assessment of their guilt. The way people have singularly pursued Assange without promise of ignoring politics has made a mockery of that ideal, made it impossible for his accusers to get justice in proper fashion, and insulted rape victims generally by showing they only matter when the attacker is someone they didn’t like anyway.

Assange could possibly have been a sleazy villain in all this, but how he’s been handled has made sure there’s no honest way we can tell. That’s the fault of Sweden and Britain, but hard to understand except for US interests. Please reconsider giving them a pass for turning sexual assault charges into a parody of justice.

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Hey everyone! Look at me! LOOK AT ME! Don’t look over there, look at me and what I’m doing now!

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Not the level of discussion I would have expected on Boing Boing. Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy as a political refugee in relation to US military documents released through Wikileaks. He is unable to get to Sweden to answer charges for fear of being extradited to the US to face the death penalty or a lengthy term in Guantanamo.
The question is why can’t he be questioned via video link? It’s not unprecedented, and in this case, obviously preferable. Has nobody heard of Skype?
As a journalist Xeni I would have expected you to look further than tabloid headlines for your research.

So, this dodgy idiot is running for senator in Australia eh? Hmmm. Would that mean he could claim diplomatic privilege if he got in, thereby allowing him to leave the Ecuadoran embassy without hindrance?

Every time I hear anything about this guy, it just makes me cringe. If he has nothing to hide, why not face the music?

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Ray, please read my contribution directly above your post. And really, the old “if he’s got nothing to hide” argument? Really?

I find it remarkable that you’re willing to take an accusation so seriously when it’s patently clear that there are ulterior motives at play; especially given your experience.

The emotive aspect of the crime is clearly what’s swaying you, but is actually completely irrelevant. Whether I’m a man or a woman is also irrelevant (men get raped too, by the way). What is relevant is that he’s willing to work with the authorities whilst maintaining his relative safety from extradition and yet the authorities aren’t wiling to work with him; doesn’t that ring alarm bells for you?

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