Wikipedia updates its Creative Commons license

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No mention of AI, machine learning, or LLMs. IANAL, but it seems like one of the biggest controversies these days is whether or not a piece of creative work should be allowed to be used to train LLMs. That should be the choice of the creator, and not implicit in the license being used. On the other hand, would such a clause be enforceable?


I don’t see your complaint here. The creator chooses the license. If they want one that says “no AI”, they’re free to choose one.


CC licenses are supposed to simplify things for people who don’t know and don’t care about the details of a license. If a creator doesn’t see an option or any examples of how to create a non-AI license, do you think that most would? There are unintended consequences in rolling your own license. As an example, see the license for JSHint. “Don’t be evil” was a clause in it. That sounds nice, but in the end no one uses the software any more since there is no definition of “evil” that can withstand a lawsuit.

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Can I have a whole OS that can’t be used for evil?

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You could take Linux or Minix, fork it for your own personal use, don’t distribute it at all to anyone , and write all your own software for it. Then, maybe, you can be certain it can’t be used for evil.

Otherwise, no. There’s no way to make absolutely certain your OS can’t be used for evil. Evil people who want to use the OS don’t really draw the line at licenses.


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