Wildfire burning out of control in Alberta - video


The U.S. news claims that the smoke has traveled all the way to Florida. (I believe it was NBC yesterday evening).


We’re getting some of the smoke in Minneapolis, plus some from the fires that are occurring in northern Minnesota–how much from each, I don’t know, but you can see and smell it in the air. There are air-quality warnings here. It’s playing havoc with my allergies–I can’t imagine being close to the fires, and what folks there must be breathing in–I would think there could/will be negative long-term health consequences for a great many people who are near the fires.


The smoke is in North Dakota for sure, they say the fire is going to reach Saskatchewan soon. The radio this morning said they think the fire could be burning for months… I can’t quite wrap my head around that… for months, that unpossible.

If anyone is interested, the CBC has their news reporter doing live coverage from Fort Mac today. So if you listen all the news updates are being done live from Fort Mac.

Also, they did a segment about the fire and climate change, and its really good.


I dunno the big fire here in WA last summer seemed to last quite awhile. Luckily it didn’t get near any large cities.
I was surprised one Sunday when the smoke made it into the Seattle metro area and thick enough to smell it when I was outside that day.


Red Cross Canada says $60 million has been donated so far. And all those funds will be matched federally and by the Alberta government.

Seriously… there’s only 36 million people in Canada… $60 million donated… can we quench the fire with loonies? I’m sure it would work…


Pets that had to be left behind are also being rescued, and they have a pet rescue form for those that had to flee and leave their pets behind. OMG, seriously guys, my cold dark heart can’t take this…


Not even gonna read. Did we not learn anything from Katrina? I’d live on the street than forego my critters. (When we had three cats and a dog [circa 2009], I had a homeless plan just in case the economy sank lower.)


Oh wow, the title of the post has changed since I read it? Thats so weird! Even the lede is misleading…

Its a good read. Some people had like 5 minutes to get out, and some weren’t home when they got the order to go, so pets had to be left behind. There’s an official rescue form they can fill out and official rescue personnel will go get your pets and evacuate them to Edmonton. There is also an unofficial group of freaky young people that keep sneaking back into the city and rescuing pets, despite getting kicked out by officials, which is what the title is now reflecting I guess?

The real story is that pets are being rescued, both by official means and FB Group means. Stupid HuffPo clickbait!


Well, I just saw the

part, and I was not going to go there. But if it’s safe for sensitive souls (that’d be me :cry:), I’ll take a look.

I should’ve asked you about a Canadian animal rescue group in which to send donations.


The Alberta SPCA is spearheading the official rescue and working with Calgary and Edmonton Humane Societies to triage and house the rescued animals, if you anyone wants to donate they can do so directly to the Alberta SPCA here: https://support.albertaspca.org/pages/fort-mcmurray-wildfire-support


Thank you for posting this link, too!:smile_cat:

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