Crazy stuff captured on home security camera in Chilliwack BC


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Holy crap what and they say the big city is full of crime. I live in an area that has higher than normal property crime and it still isn’t as ‘exciting’ as that house/intersection.


Meth: not even once.


Oh, Canada. This is waaaaaayyyy more BS than we get in my allegedly (if you were to read the comments in our shitty local blog) crime-ridden neighborhood. I’ll take the entirely too loud sub-base over drug dealing in my garage any day.

I must say I have a little sad that the racoons weren’t also chased away by the machete-wielding homeowner.


Well the racoons to be fair were just passing through, being pretty chill and not looking to make off with his beer…


I dunno, they looked pretty damned cozy on their second visit to occupy his porch.


cars going backwards, arrests, attempted break-ins, drivers doing stupid things, pedestrians making weird noises, trespassers, car chases, beatdowns, muggings, brawls, burglary, and fire hydrant vandalism

You can’t fool me. Canada doesn’t have any of that stuff. Except maybe the pedestrians making weird noises.


This was not all shot by the same camera. I am not sure I believe it was all shot in one place, either.


I think multiple cameras around one house. The street and back yard are the same because in one shot a police car comes down the street then it cuts to the back yard. I believe the machete gentleman pepper sprays someone on the street and chases away a car pilferer, but the video isn’t super clear.

I like how most of the time when the security light comes on the bandits are just like “thanks for turning on the light”. I waste all this money lighting my house up like a prison yard and it just makes it easier to see in my truck!

Also: Hey Canada, you doin’ alright up there? We’re worried about ya.


Word of warning, that video does show a serious car vs bicycle traffic accident that probably did not end at all well for the latter :frowning:


Makes my neighborhood look very safe in comparison. Or maybe my stuff is too weird to steal.


Or maybe this stuff happens all the time everywhere and we just don’t have the benefit of catching it on camera?

Ignorance is bliss? :wink:


They should have ended with the shots of animals that way we could have pretended that all those shitty people died in some sort of apocalypse.


So, they guy who provided the footage of “all the crazy people” around his house is the genius with the sword…if I’m following this correctly? :unamused:


You’d probably want to be armed, too, if those were your neighbors.

It’s like a west coast version of “Trailer Park Boys” brought to life.


Wow, I live in Kansas, a state where the first keychain to sell out at the gas station says something pithy like “100% Bitch” or “Born Asshole”, and my cams haven’t seen a fraction of this.


Hey Canada, you doin’ alright up there? We’re worried about ya.

Chilliwack, BC is really all its own thing.


That street has to be by a high school. In that context, pretty standard stuff.


Do tell please.


I can picture a lot of “normal” people giving wide berth to “that mad scientist guy’s” house.