So... there's a giant forest fire in May in Canada

The scale and violence of this fire, is this what we are looking at in the future? This was just speculation of what would happen with warming. Is this it?


Oh we are well aware… the footage is terrifying and heart breaking.


I just for a moment had the feeling that this summer was going to be ridiculous, like the opening scenes of an apocalyptic block-buster.

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Go enjoy your old-growth forests and coral reefs etc now. In another few decades, they’ll be gone.

I worry that “decades” is optimistic…

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Nope. Just like one unusually cold winter doesn’t disprove global warming, one warm spell in the spring doesn’t prove it either.

A fire this early in the spring can be worse than in the summer. The ground is still frozen, so the trees have soaked up ground water yet. Which makes the trees drier than in the summer, and the fires worse.

We’ve been having “unprecedented” fires in Australia for a few decades now.

That’s how it works; rare disasters become common, and unimaginable disasters become increasingly frequent.

All of this pours petrol onto a thousand geopolitical hotspots, and then we go boom. If you think Syria is bad, just wait until Bangladesh is underwater.

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