From Devil’s Breath, a documentary about deadly wildfires

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I was in a plane on the tarmac of Melbourne airport when the big fire started. The city streets were deserted driving in as the temperature was 45C, like stepping into an oven. There was a long thin fire front following the north wind down through Victoria. Our plane was delayed as suddenly the strong wind changed 90 degrees now coming from the west. The long and thin fire now became a massive wide front fueled by a drought, everything in the forests were tinder dry.
Looking down in the 2hr flight to Sydney all I could see below the white clouds was brown clouds of smoke. This smoke passed over New Zealand and into South America.
Today the eastern coast of Australia is being devastated by prolonged flooding never seen before on record… I acknowledge that the first nation people would have a different historical perspective.

What do climate change deniers have to gain from their very vocal lobbying? /s
They can fuck off.


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