The science of deadly fires

Investigators are still trying to understand what happened to the 19 firefighters who were killed last weekend in Arizona, while battling a wildfire. Climatewire’s Nathanael Massey explains how a dangerous-but-dealable blaze can quickly become something much more deadly. READ THE REST

Just a shout out to my local meteorology expert, Prof Cliff Mass at the UW here in Seattle. He covered this yesterday as well

Maybe one day we’ll realize that it’s all one big solar powered system, that everything we see, hear, feel, smell, touch, is all connected. If the weather was a factor in the intensity and intractability of the fire — of any fire — watching it through a meteorologist’s eyes should be required.

Strong winds at this fire unpredictable and random?

"You can see why I find this disaster so unsettling. Hours before the incident it was clear there was a real threat…satellite and radar showed developing convection to the north that was moving south towards the fire. High-resolution numerical models showed a threat. Were there any meteorologists working the fire? If not, why not? This terrible tragedy needs to be reviewed carefully.

A number of media outlets called the strong winds unpredictable and random. This is not correct, as shown by the information I provided above."

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