Wildfire burning out of control in Alberta - video


Oh yes, and climate change is not helping. They’ve got El Nino to deal with which is making this fire so much worse. Its been a very hot and dry spring, currently the temps (without the fires) are 28-30C which is breaking 100 year records. The trees are just exploding when the fire gets to them. It jumped the athabasca river too, that is not a small river.

But… this is “oil country” and if you dare mention climate change on a good day you’re likely to get shouted down, mention it now… and you’re in real danger of actual physical violence.


Gas stations have run out of gas and gas trucks are driving around refilling cars stuck on the roads. Which is awesome and also I didn’t know they could do that?


The BBC has been all over this for the last three days. It’s truly massive. There’s a really interesting gif that they link to from the Globe and Mail [that shows the extent of the damage over those days.]


This is a great graphic, its happening so fast! The airport is in serious danger!


Damn polite Canadians in action!


85,000 hectares… is a very large fire, still out of control, and still burning.


From what I hear, the current strategy is “wait for rain.”

It’s just impossible for anything other than a storm system to drop enough water to make a difference.


Hey, @Missy_Pants! Is there a fundraiser going on for Fort MacMurray that you know about? One in which most dollars will get to the victims?



Most people are going with Red Cross as the Govt is matching all donations.
As of Friday $30 million has been donated to the Red Cross.

I don’t know if donations from outside Canada will be matched…


Thanks. I’ll be sure to earmark as such (US Red Cross is notorious for not necessarily using donations unless specifically requested in the past) and I’ll go through the Canadian RC.


Here is a direct link to Canadian Red Cross’ page for Fort Mac.


Also, remember all those Syrian refuges that came to Canada? Seems like it was a great idea!


The fire has a hashtag too, its pretty heartbreaking…

And yes, thank you, I know I’ve replied to this thread a lot, its my freaking thread, calm your tits BBS! Sheesh!


Before anyone asks… It’s called #YMMfire instead of #FMMfire because YMM is the Fort McMurray airport (Canadian airport identifiers mostly start with the letter Y).

…And I think some of that smoke must have drifted all of the way to Ontario, because my eyes are leaking.


I already took care of business, but thanks for putting their link here for whomever else might want to donate. I was going to do this, but you beat me to it (had to wash dishes–my turn–and make a couple of margaritas). They have a dedicated link for this fire.:relaxed:

FYI: The link claims the govt will match all funds, nothing about Canadian-only donations. Keeping fingers crossed.


The U.S. news claims that the smoke has traveled all the way to Florida. (I believe it was NBC yesterday evening).


We’re getting some of the smoke in Minneapolis, plus some from the fires that are occurring in northern Minnesota–how much from each, I don’t know, but you can see and smell it in the air. There are air-quality warnings here. It’s playing havoc with my allergies–I can’t imagine being close to the fires, and what folks there must be breathing in–I would think there could/will be negative long-term health consequences for a great many people who are near the fires.


The smoke is in North Dakota for sure, they say the fire is going to reach Saskatchewan soon. The radio this morning said they think the fire could be burning for months… I can’t quite wrap my head around that… for months, that unpossible.

If anyone is interested, the CBC has their news reporter doing live coverage from Fort Mac today. So if you listen all the news updates are being done live from Fort Mac.

Also, they did a segment about the fire and climate change, and its really good.


I dunno the big fire here in WA last summer seemed to last quite awhile. Luckily it didn’t get near any large cities.
I was surprised one Sunday when the smoke made it into the Seattle metro area and thick enough to smell it when I was outside that day.