William Gibson rewrote the sequel to The Peripheral after the 2016 election

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Sweet Baby-back Jeebus – a world where Hillary’s election is the alternate reality. Guess it’s time to buy some shares in Milagros Coldiron.

If we are a stub world, I can only hope that our Lowbeer/Griff is as kickass as Flynne’s…


Jackpot here we come!


In The Peripheral Gibson noted how in the future, politics had merged with performance art and reality television.

Yeah… doesn’t surprise me he had to rewrite a bit. He is an author of fiction, isn’t he…?


Gibson explains that after the 2016 US presidential election

Holy crap. Has it really only been a few months since that happened? I was going to deny we had an election in 2016 since it feels like years.


Well under the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, every world is a stub world. Come to think of it, The Peripheral may be in the world of Anathem. Maybe the secret Chinese server is actually on Arbre. The third Peripheral book could be a joint Gibson/Stephenson effort uniting both story lines.

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Snappy dialog, meandering plot, no satisfactory ending?


Wups…think you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque; The Collapsing Empire’s article is here:

Come to think of it, Gibson also rewrote Pattern Recognition after 9/11.

“Author of fiction”, documentarian from the future; if anyone looks like a time traveler, it’s Great Dismal.

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Not all that new, I remember passing round my copy of the atrocity exhibition in school as a kid so we could all read why I want to fuck Ronald Reagan…

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