William S. Burroughs: "A Thanksgiving Prayer" (1986)


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Thanks for posting this! I watch it every year. Now I’ll go listen to Swans God Loves America, and my Thanksgiving will be complete…


The PERFECT thing for me on my sickest of Junk-Sick-Mornings.

We have this lamp and this tent, you see…


Uncle Bill is certainly a part of my family’s holiday traditions: Thanksgiving Prayer in November, and Junkie’s Christmas on Yule. Salutes


junkie’s christmas

in case you need a link that hasn’t yet been blocked by lawyers

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As my dear aunt would say: “Well, someone’s being Mr. Grumpy this morning!”

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I agree with his views here, for what that’s worth, but I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with the him. Kind of insufferable.

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And he picks the worst sort of party games.


Thanks for the link (and refreshing my memory)!

He really did. Leave that sort of thing to the Swiss.
Gave a new meaning to the term Mexican divorce though.

Uncle Bill was the original grumpy cat… He was grumpy before it was cool. He makes grumpy cat seem downright cheerful.

Also, he was pretty much the only guy who could wear a fedora without looking like a douche.

Davi, Davi Davi. I love ya like a milkshake, but why are we still drawing attention on this redundant person? Aren’t we giving him power in doing so?

And Happy Thanksgiving to you, davikins!


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