William S. Burroughs: Happy 100th birthday!


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Oh, centenary…I thought you said cemetery. He is buried here in STL.

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What’s that device?

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One of my favorite albums is ‘Spare Ass Annie and other tales’ where he worked with Michael Franti & The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy…


THAT, ma’am/sir, is a vintage Church of Scientology E-METER.

Damn, that’s a fine E-Meter.


Good thing the wrote a few interesting things. Makes over looking him killing his wife and fleeing prosecution easier.

Yesterday would have been Joan Vollmer’s 91st birthday. She only lived to be 28, thanks to being murdered by her husband, the man BB is wishing a happy birthday to.


My impression is that they truly were close (as any addicted couple could be), and guilt from the incident haunted him the rest of his life, despite others’ saying it was an accident. Sorry I don’t have attributions, but somewhere he said that he began writing earnestly in response to that tragedy.

Yes he was gay and a cold cold fish, but there was something between them, like being each other’s twin.

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I liked them better when they were recording as The Beatnigs

But seriously if you liked Spare Ass Annie, have you heard the Material album Seven Souls mentioned in this article featuring WSB? Its a much better work musically and thematically IMNSHO.

Oh, I have never heard The Beatnigs album. Will have to check it out. Thanks!

Yes, I also love Seven Souls, but I’ve always liked how the Spare Ass Annie album covers a wider spectrum of things. Admittedly, these days I would more likely include Spare Ass Annie in a big shuffled playlist, where I might listen to Seven Souls as an album. (A side note: I’m a huge fan of Bill Laswell’s work, and have most if not all of the Material albums…)

Agreed on shuffle vs album.


Nice pedestal you’re on there. There is more to the story than you two imply.

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