Win all six books nominated for this year's Philip K Dick Award

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I can’t believe ®evolution was nominated. 180 degree character changes and deus ex machinae do not a satisfying story make.


Naams writing improved not a bit from his first book to his second. Some people develop, some don’t.

I think his writing improved quite a bit between each book, actually. I found parts of the first book a bit clumsy, as much as I liked it. Didn’t have that problem later.

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I’m super-impressed and very happy that entering the contest just requires a name and email address. No accounts to make, no mandatory ties to a social media platform!

Gee, from the potted summaries, those all sound great.
Brilliant to see SF so strong and thriving!

“Entries are limited to US mailing addresses only.”
No ebook option? Pity.

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Haven’t read any of the nominees, but I recognize Naam from the two previous “Nexus” books. Intrigued

Can we talk cover design?

I see one slick floating-head movie poster, three man-circuitboard-hybrid clichés (two straight from the 90s, one more self-helpy), one classic trashy 50s pulp and one vaguely clever concept marred by cliparty, gradient-filly, blocks-of-texty execution.

Maybe it’s just the curmudgeon in me, but does any of that make justice to what’s supposed to be the best new writing in this genre? The world is positively overflowing with graphic designers (and writers, I guess), maybe we should pair them better somehow.


Entries are limited to US mailing addresses only.


I enjoyed his first two books for decent characters, plotting and concept, but the writing in the second book left me not wanting any more.

Also, well, they’re thrillers and I don’t read very many thrillers.

You’re right, the covers are unlikely to be what wins the prize.
The female human-computer hybridy cover one has an interesting description to me though, I may read that one.

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