Name your price for 11 (!) Philip K Dick award-winning novels

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This looks like a great bundle!

I tried to buy it, only to end up with a “Dragons and Darkness” bundle instead. D’oh!

Yeah, me too. I think they might be inundated with orders thanks for the boingboing post. I suspect (hope) they’ll catch up and give us all the books we actually bought.

Turns out my total confusion – it was a dragon-freebie for signing up for the newsletter.


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Lisa Mason. Now there’s a name I have not heard in a long time. I’m still bummed that she didn’t finish her Pangea Trilogy – and I don’t like trilogies! “Summer of Love” is essential hippie science fiction, right up there with Spinrad’s “Child of Fortune.”

Buyer beware: Kathe Koja’s “The Cipher” is a horror novel which appears to be about depression, essentially. If you are sensitive about this subject, you may want to steer clear. That book will leave you feeling messed up. I say this as someone who has read countless horror novels by a variety of authors and has a pretty strong stomach for the stuff. The Cipher is its own genre. You were warned.

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For what it’s worth, I contacted Storybundle, and they explained that they were having issues with Amazon Payments. They said I could wait for it to clear up, or they’d cancel my previous order, and I could redo it with Paypal or a credit card and when I did, I noticed that the Amazon Payments option wasn’t listed. Once I had completed the order with Paypal, the email with the unique download link showed up right away.

Their support was quite helpful! Part of my confusion was that PayPal, after sending me a new card 2 weeks ago, decided to deactivate the new card and send me ANOTHER new card, without really telling me.

Did anyone else read this title and think, “for 11 award-winning novels by Philip K Dick?”


But was not disappointed.

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Awww hell… i recently bought the women in sci-fi bundle - way too much to read! /firstworldproblems

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Thank you for that; noted.

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