Wink: daily reviews of remarkable books that belong on paper


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Congrats Mark, Carla, and Kevin!


For some reason my work blocks tumblrs. I say for “some reason”, but basically the same reason I spend time viewing tumblrs at home. Guess I’ll have to wait until I get home until I can read “wink”. Gonna get so confused, popping into Tumblr for a “Wink”.

Our public library recently got a machine that will print (quite good quality, by the looks of it) softcover books from a pair of PDFs - one for the cover, one for the pages. So if you have an ebook that really deserves a print edition, whether it’s long out of print, or was only ever an ebook, you can make it happen.

My immediate thought was that you could print a credible looking copy of a reputable reference work, with the levels of inaccuracy briefly achievable in wikipedia edit wars.


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