Winners Take All: the Davos Edition (how elites launder looting with phoney philanthropy)


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Still working on my book, “To Serve The Rich”. I could use some more recipes though.




It must be killing Mnuchin and Ross and their henchmen that they can’t get in on all that sweet Davos action this year because their boss is a racist moron.


Figuratively killing them, of course. Only figuratively.


Tax every billionaire 70% and then give them a trophy, “Congratulations! You won the Human race! Thanks for playing!”


Don’t eat the rich. They have too much cholesterol, the bad kind.


George Woodcock:
“Marx, for example, following his determinist view of history, believed that the economic pressures on the capitalists would force them to deprive the workers even more rigorously, so that revolutions would be inevitable. The Marxist-Leninist condemnations of Reform was an outcome of such attitudes; let the workers endure privation unmitigated, Lenin and his followers declared, and the sooner they would rebel and the capitalist order collapse.”


but with their sedentary lifestyles and excessive marbling they are like kobi veal to cannibals! might as well be of some benefit to humanity! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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