Wireless charger that levitates your mobile phone

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I was going to post something about “…if you have an Apple or Samsung phone,” but I’m actually quite impressed by the number of phones they support:

Iphone 6,6s, Iphone 6Plus, 6s Plus, Iphone 5,5S, IPhone 5C, Iphone SE

Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Galaxy J7,J2, Galaxy Note 5 & will be for Note7

Xperia E5, Xperia XA, Xperia X, Xperia Z6, Xperia M5

X Skin, X5, X Power, V10, Nexus 5X, G5

Honor Note 8, Honor 8, Honor 5A, Nexus 6P


(More models will be added later)

And they say they have a way to make it work for phones even if you don’t have one of their cases.

Slightly more impressed now.


Don’t quite a lot of US bank cards still depend on magnetic stripe?
I’ve had a stripe parking ticket deleted by the magnet on a Garmin satnav, a combination of magnets, electronics and pockets is probably very unwise.

Are you sick and tired of efficiency? For a limited time, you can recharge your phone inductively! Order in the next fifteen minutes and we’ll upgrade your order to hold the phone even farther away from the loop!


I can detect a phone “moo-ing” in distress from any part of my house. You know, a message comes in, and your phone vibrator goes “wreeer, wreeer” and the vibration travels down through the dock, through the walls of the house, to whatever part of my ancestral brain has evolved to detect tiny telltale noises that predators make, and my heart rate goes up.

Obviously, this IS a gimmick… but if it stops my phone from triggering my “OH CRAP A MOUNTAIN LION” reflex… huh, that’s not nuthin’.

(Or I could have better discipline about using airplane mode/powering off)

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The most compelling aspect of this design fiction for me was the idea of just kinda tossing my phone in the general direction of the charging platter and having it pulled into alignment with the charging field without ever hitting the surface.

But the only shot of someone actually placing the phone on the charger showed them taking great care to position it right, which looks like even more trouble than trying to plug in a microusb 3 times.

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Saw this on Reddit and thought. “This is PERFECT for Boing Boing.” Started thinking of clever headlines.
“A Revolution In Wireless Charging” (Because the phone was revolving, get it?)

Come to BB, see that pesco beat me too it. :disappointed: Oh well.

Then I thought, “At least my understanding of what BB will love is still working.”


There are numerous apps, such as IFTTT (If This Then That), where you could configure your phone such as when it is plugged in, it goes into Do Not Disturb mode (or similar). It’s a bit cheaper.

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I don’t care if it charges slowly, I want it. I can pretend I’m magic.

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