Save 25% on this suction powered wireless charger

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How does a suction powered charger actually work? A little bellows or something? While my phone doesn’t have wireless charging, anything that would allow human energy to be converted to phone power would be really useful for festivals, walking tours etc.


So this allows you to use your wireless charger by tethering the phone with … a wire. Technology is amazing.


Or you could, you know, plug it in.


Brought to you by the same geniuses selling wireless earbud tethers.


Disappointed. I clicked to find out why someone would make a charger that converts a vacuum supply to electricity. Didn’t sound practical but it did sound interesting. The actual product is not “vacuum powered” or interesting. :frowning:

Now that the latest iPhones have embraced the wireless charging revolution, there’s really no excuse for not having a wireless charger of your own.

That was very the much the case even prior to support arriving for those just-don’t-play-nicely-with-others devices.

Plugging in the phone

  1. Charges twice or three times as fast
  2. Doesn’t become alarmingly hot
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