10 wireless chargers that will help you cut the cable and power up

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/09/10/10-wireless-chargers-that-will.html

I’m not fancy enough to have wireless charging, but thanks for making me feel bad about my inadequacies BB!!! Damn 1%ers!!!


Hurrah! More overpriced crap nobody wants: thanks BoingBoing!!!

Don’t worry, wireless charging is wildly imefficient and causes your devices to get alarmingly hot anyway.


I keep teasing my spouse by trying to put her coffee cup on her wireless charger. “Isn’t that one of those USB cup warmers?”

Heh, I actually have a USB peltier device. Both heats and cools.

It’s a much better heater, but will keep a can of coke a couple degrees F below room temp.


And as a bonus feature, you can’t pick up your phone to use it while it’s charging. Much convenience!


Pah. Anything short of Tesla’s Tachyon Death Ray isn’t worth bothering with.

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