Witch Doctor 2: like Doctor Who for the occult, full of glorious monsters and demons

Back in 2012, I reviewed the first collected edition of Witch Doctor, a delightfully demented comic about a metaphysician who fights incipient Cthulhuism with a cadre of weird assistants and an arsenal of amazing magical artifacts. The second collection, Mal Practice, was published earlier this month, and is the epitome of following strength with strength.… READ THE REST

So when’s the team-up with Dr. McNinja?

No, seriously, that would be perfect. Dr. McNinja might be a bit wackier than Witch Doctor, but he’s already shown a willingness to do team-ups.

I really liked the first one. I’ll have to check this one out.

I bought the first one on an impulse after reading about it here on BB. First Comic ever btw.

Problem is you have to wait a year or longer to get the next volume. Are there any comics similar to Witch Doctor? I need some recommendations to bridge the waiting time …

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