With the collapse of Trumpcare, Sanders wants Medicare-For-All

I want that t-shirt!


Thanks, and that is helpful, but i still don’t know how prescription drug
coverage works for Medicare specifically. As I understand it, Medicare is
barred from negotiating lower prices but i have no idea what they decide to
cover in the first place.

The good thing about this whole healthcare-bill debacle is that it’s been a good reminder for the public about the pros and cons of Obamacare and what it actually does well and where it falls short. The timing for a single-payer proposal is perfect, and if Sanders and co. can market it as “Medicare” rather than “socialized medicine” or “government healthcare” or another evil-sounding phrase, awesome.


No. Any Republican who consorts with the Enemy is going to be at ground zero for enormous amounts of Kochtopus fire in his next primary, with Freedom Cacas troops lining up to do him in.


The sly way to do this is to make its availability contingent on lack of competition on the exchange in any given demographic, whether geographic, age, whatever. Sell it as a last-ditch remedy when the market fails. Since markets never fail, the right has a hard time objecting (not that they won’t).

Meanwhile, it’s a head-to-head competition between the horrible, hopeless, inefficient, bureaucrat-ridden public sector and the lean, mean, efficient private sector. The private sector has nothing to worry about.


Damn, Sanders would have been such an amazing president. I ended up in the wrong multiverse.


As usual, West Wing was well ahead of the curve here.


I guess I’m shallow but I clicked on this post because of the bad-ass t-shirt.
Which on one level I love it- on the other level it makes me remember all the punk bro boys who stiff-armed me out of the pit all the time.
Did they grow up and become Bernie bros? Or have we concluded that most/all the Bernie bros were bots and infiltrators?


Depends on how early in the cycle they manage to establish universal care. Koch money isn’t going to have a lot of effect on an electorate learning to love universal healthcare, especially if the moderates can say, “Hey, you people are sleeping sounder at night because of something I brought in.”

Believe me, it does become something to cherish. Up here the notion of two-tiered healthcare is sometimes floated by Conservative governments, and just as often gets shot down by the electorate: they really would have to pry universal healthcare out of our cold, dead hands.


Single payer systems already do this. If you think that a single payer system will guarantee the latest and greatest treatment to everyone regardless of cost, you are not based in reality.

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And so do insurance companies right now, just without any incentive to promote public health, and less accountability. Your point?


At least Joe Lieberman isn’t around to fuck it up any more.


ugggghhhh FTG


I’d guess that some Sanders supporters were indeed sexist people who just couldn’t vote for a woman. I’d guess most of us are just people who would rather have had Sanders over Clinton, but still voted for Clinton, because we recognized Trump for what he is.

Fuck those guys, always.


If the Democrats were to get it into law early in 2021 (earliest date to avoid a veto) it wouldn’t be in the exchanges until 2022. On the other hand, one thing about adding an option in the exchanges is that the “this is good” does start early, so it would already be on the plate in plenty of time for the 2022 off-year elections.

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That’s the biggest issue. People like your barber (I hope he cuts hair very well if you keep going back to him) don’t understand that getting single payer healthcare doesn’t mean that all of the insurance goes away. If you want to add to what you have, go ahead and do it! If you don’t, then you are still covered!

makes me sad…


A single payer system would mean that people don’t have to pay insane premiums and deductibles that they can’t afford. More people would be able to have regular wellness visits, and to go to the doctor before whatever is wrong with them is life-threatening. If we focus on that, fewer people will need the latest and greatest treatments, because they’ll be getting basic care that heads off illnesses at the pass more effectively. Less people will die early for no reason at all. If we had had single payer, maybe my dad’s cancer would have been caught much earlier and he’d still be with us today.

And @jproffitt71 is spot-on that for-profit insurance companies do nothing to protect and promote public health. They take money out of our pockets and put them into the pockets of their ceos and shareholders. They don’t care about whether or not people die, as long as they don’t have to pay out for expensive healthcare coverage.


Maybe, but remember he would have been facing a hostile TGOP controlled Congress. No matter how good the ideas, they would still have to get through a group that hated the previous President.

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The health sector lobby is the largest in the United States. Unless Medicare is spun off into a quasi-government corporation (like the Fed) so Congress can’t touch it, I doubt very much that they’ll be able to keep costs down.

After all, the United States already spends more money per-capita on public healthcare than Canada, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, the UK, South Korea and Australia and yet, ours covers less than half the population.

If we had proper price controls set up for healthcare, what we already spend on Medicare/Medicaid/CHIP/etc would be enough to cover every American. I’m not holding my breath for single payer to be a panacea. It might take costs down a bit, but for goodness sake, Congress passed a “doc fix” every year for decades to keep Medicare’s cost controls from kicking in. I don’t see why Medicare will start doing it once they cover everyone.


It just gets my goat. Hillary is one of the most skilled politicians of all time. In a stare off between her and Putin, Putin would blink first.

Bernie has better policies, and as head of the Senate could have been a force of nature.

Hillary/Bernie could have crushed it. But at this point it’s all speculation and revisionist. I just wish they would have compromised with each other.