Wither Citex?

speaking of scams and rackets heres a weird one iI bought $200 in pirate chain crypto last year arrr. on the south korean exchange citex. i bought first batch there and transfered to a secure wallet without incedent. then bought a bit more a few months later and the withdraw function was disabled. customer support said they were working on it. I suddenly got bumped up to the top of a 40 person waitlist for a commercial dive course and got insanely busy for a few months, after which I found time to check back in on it. same thing citex saying to wait for the announcement (the last anouncement they posted was 9 months prior). the amount sitting there is now $20,000 i bought 3.2 cents and it is now trading at $3.40 citex as of writing citex has not updated on any coin info sites for 320 some hours, and roughly 80 percent of their currencies wallets have withdraw disabled. ive concuded though through multiple queries with their surpport staff that they are not actually support staff working for citex but rather workers in subcontracted suport center somewhere with a very simple script of answers and no direct contact with anyone working at citex. i asked them directly if they worked citex or were an outsourced support center contracted by citex and they answered that they were not at liberty to divulge operational details. In conclusion citex’s presumably outsourced customer support is simply a shield ment to insulate them from their customers/marks. i could go on but my big question is with hundreds of crypto users locked out of their funds for months at citex and funds in the millions being withheld why is no one reporting on this? ive been in crypto since 2013 and lost small change on several exchanges that went under but this situation is very bizarre and takes the cake.

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There’s just tons of stories about Crypto users getting scammed, because it’s an unregulated industry without much in the way of laws or consumer protections. Some of the bigger currencies are more ‘stable’ now than before but you still see people saying ‘oh exchange X froze my funds and won’t let me withdraw’ etc.

Citex doesn’t seem like a big exchange? I would suggest posting on reddit’s cryptocurrency subreddit to get more info though, BB’s community isn’t particularly pro-crypto so I don’t suspect most people here keep up on it.


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