Bowing to public pressure, Coinbase announces it will "transition out" the ex-Hacking Team cybermercenaries whose company it just bought

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Sounds good. Now I totally trust them.


I spend more care in buying a pen than they do a who-knows-how-many million dollar company.

Granted, I do spend too much time and effort deciding which pen to buy. But still.

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Sure. I believe them. Someone will follow up on this and make sure it happens. Right? I mean, it’s not like a person can hack from their house or anything. Or be rehired as a consultant. Those things don’t happen.



I was out as soon as I heard there were shenanigans going on with account deletions. I cashed out my $12.84 worth of BTC, deleted my stuff, and am not looking back. I am not sure who it is that they are bowing too, didn’t the users protest by deleting their accounts?

It’s stories like this that make me realise that the stupid laws making it a requirement for people to ask suppliers “Do you use slaves?” or “Do you have ties to genocidal regimes?” may actually be necessary.

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