Witness the amazing beginnings of a 10,000-year clock build in this timelapse

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At the very least; it will be right twice a millennium.


The Long Now Clock has always just seemed kind of rude to me. No where is there any mention of the indigenous peoples whose land they are building the clock on. 10,000 years is often the estimate of how long native peoples have occupied North America (although recent evidence might push that date even longer), but settlers feel fine going and drilling a great big hole in a mountain and putting this symbol in place. No consent sought as far as I can see.

Symbols like this only mean something if you have the integrity to do it right.


Awesome engineering and effort. And for what? Re-arragning deck chairs on the titanic. Clearly the people doing this have their priorities.


It’s a project of The Long Now who’s purpose is to encourage long term thinking which to me is a pretty important part of making it so that’s not true.


I feel like having one’s long-term humanity project being backed by someone who became offensively, stupefyingly wealthy on the back of short-term exploitation of humanity for the sake of profit is a level of cognitive dissonance I’d rather leave for the professionals.

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The irony is not lost on me.

However, I do hope that civilisation will last considerable longer than another 10k years.

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