Woman accidentally threw out a $1 million lottery ticket, but it came back to her

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That’s some good karma.


What a top guy Abhi Shah’s dad is. :sparkling_heart:


One evening, I was going through the tickets from the trash

as one does…


I hope she is a sharesy type of gal, she needs to take care of the shop keeper a tiny bit.


Waste not want not. Impressive that he remembered who bought the ticket. Maybe from security camera footage?

Impressive display of ethical integrity on the part of the shopkeeper. I would like to think I am that honest. I know I would feel pangs of guilt if I had kept the ticket. I don’t know I wouldn’t have kept the ticket. I hope I would do the right thing.

There is the notion of training your ethical muscles with daily decisions, so when a big one comes up you are ready and have the skills and ability to make the right choice.

Side note: I work daily with people who find ways to rationalize petty theft and larceny up to and sometimes including violent crime. I know what happens when people are not trained in the use of ethical reasoning.


They should make a TV show about this and cast Jason Lee as the lead.

Weird, a simliar story happened just a couple months back here in Brazil. There was an unclaimed lottery winner and the deadline to get the money was about to expire. It took a lot of work to finally find the woman.


I’ll second that. People can be truly amazing.

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Don’t shopkeepers get a “bonus” or commission from selling a winning lottery ticket? And I would think sellers of lottery tickets themselves are not able reap the rewards of a winning ticket (to prevent fraud?). So maybe there may be something in it for them besides altruism?

edit: yes they do

State Commission on Ticket Sales Winning Ticket Bonuses
Massachusetts 5% on sales 1% on prizes claimed


the shopkeeper is going to get some compensation by the lottery company,
but she should give him $20k right off the top.

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