Woman, after being told it's fine for man to film in public, argues with cop

This is exactly the reason I hate privately owned public spaces and lifestyle centers when we talk about rights. If you assume that map shows which spaces are public and private, it will quickly land you in trouble. Most of the sidewalks and roads are private, except as you get closer to the town hall. The actual lines are way more complex Public Map Viewer The area is over 100 irregular parcels, there’s a park that is legally public property, and one that isn’t. Some sidewalks and roads in the complex are public and others are private. I would say without knowing exactly where he was, that he probably wasn’t filming in public.


I am going to bet he knows exactly where he can be to do his 1A auditing.


We are literally this close to a Banana Republic. Literally.


Hey, if it means sacrificing a little liberty here and there for slim-cut fast fashion, sign me up!


Or maybe it was wonderful artistic commentary on the suffering of existence. Doesn’t matter. You have your right to take photos of people who complain and think it is an invasion of their space in order to freeze that moment in time. They have the right to do it to laugh at you.

Maybe you give them dirty looks that makes your discomfort even funnier too!

I know I’m being an asshole. So are you, so are the auditors. Making art isn’t a better excuse than any other. Just accept and admit that you choose to be an asshole as is your right and go about your business.

In case anyone is curious about what a first amendment auditor is, here is some info:


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Thams @Mindysan33 that explains a lot. So am i reading it right that these auditors do not submit their findings to any government agency but post them on YouTube for the money?

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This post should be renamed to: “When two assholes cross each other in public”

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