Woman arrested after not treating, isolating for active tuberculosis

i love that the word for sanitarium comes from sanitation because it was felt clean living would help cure diseases ( including i guess of the mind )

definitely don’t want to put her into jail or prison. that’s exactly the close quarters that would spread tb. other incarcerated people don’t deserve that… but definitely medical confinement of some sort.

( ideally, i hope, consulting with a doctor the sick person picks. that would help balance the personal liberty issues versus the state: which otherwise might be able to use medical confinement as a punishment in other situations )

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“We should also urge everyone to think more carefully about how all of our actions affect the health of others.”

Nice! I came here to say that, too…OMG, 3 forking times!!!


Yep. I’ve also read separately that people who have refused COVID vaccines are significantly more likely to be involved in car crashes, per a Canadian study. Correlation is not causation, and the subject of the article was a passenger in this crash, not the driver, but I’d lay odds that the driver wasn’t vaccinated. COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash - The American Journal of Medicine

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Oh, fantastic, this is in my county, and she’s been running around infectious for over a year.

In my first career as a nurse, I heard horror stories of people dying from it from the older nurses. Some of those stories stuck with me decades later. It’s incredibly angering to think this gal decided to risk everyone else.

But then again, she tested positive for Covid, and is probably an anti-vaxxer. They aren’t really well known for giving two shits about anyone else.


I’m OK with the government providing her with food, medical care, and housing. Specifically, involuntary medical care, and housing that locks from the outside.


After reading the Typhoid Mary story, it always struck me that they could have literally given her a house and a salary and it would have cost a fraction of what they ended up spending on her. And she would have had her needs met and not had to go out and work / spread the virus.


Kristen Wiig Yep GIF by Where’d You Go Bernadette



With sincere apologies,
a USian with intact critical thinking skills, who gets it that Canadians are basically living in the apartment above the meth lab



I like America too much to yoink that line for my own uses, but it gave me a good laugh, so thank you. I’ll stick with America: Canada’s Pants.


Oh there is soooo much comedy gold right here. The jokes nearly write themselves.


And that’s what they eventually did (according to the Futility Closet episode).


Don’t worry, they’ll hide the bite from you. They always do…

I’m sure it would all work out in the end.

Calling Florida America’s wang makes a lot more sense now, eh?


By design. The entirety of our founding documents were based on splitting the hairs of freedom to make it sound like they applied equally and universally, but a cursory reading reveals that was never truly the intent.


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