Woman charged with murder after taking abortion pill

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Is there any way to fall on either side of the fence and not feel terrible?

I am a woman, a mother and a grandmother and I sincerely don’t understand your response. The decision to have a child or to not should be solely the mother’s choice. I find fault with the social worker and her decision to file a complaint with the police rather than doing her job to counsel the young woman.


I was more referencing people in prolife or prochoice camps. Obviously it is not up to anyone other than the mother (preferably with an agreement from the father as well), but god damn that was brutal.

A couple of articles stated that her boyfriend broke up with her prior to her attempt. So, I imagine in her head she probably felt she was doing the right thing and taking care of her “situation” so not to rely on the charity of others (her family, government, churches, etc.). It would also explain it happening after the 1st trimester.


What about the fact that nobody is addressing - that a hospital social worker turned her in for this. Isn’t information given to someone providing you medical care not supposed to be forwarded onto the police unless there’s a danger of a future crime involved?


It is actually a controlled substance, otherwise the drug possession charge wouldn’t apply. From the article: “The pills are sold with prescriptions in the U.S., but available over the counter and online in many countries.” Codeine is similarly restricted here but not elsewhere.

But somebody in a position of power decided it was wrong. If sanity prevails, won’t the whole concept of authority crumble into dust?


If that “social Worker” is licensed they should be reported to wherever they license was issued. That’s a sick twisted response to a young person making a difficult and personal decision. The kind of bias that prompts someone to do such a thing belongs nowhere in the delivery of social services. Christ what an asshole doesn’t even begin to cover that kind of a stunt.


That would depend on the mandatory reporting rules in the jurisdiction the social worker is working in.


Mandatory reporting refers to abuse and assault. Was the social worker afraid that the ex-boyfriend was going to harm the woman?


It will still depend on the jurisdiction.

In this case the state has arbitrarily defined the cutoff for “life” versus “not life” to be the end of the first trimester. On one side of the line will be a termination of pregnancy and legal. Therefore the other side of the line becomes homicide in the eyes of the law.

Whatever your views on the rights and wrongs of a cutoff, if homicide is a mandatory report then the social worker would be legally required to report.


There’s some serious missing information here.

The fetus was five months old. That puts it well into the second trimester, most of the way to the third. Among other things, this drug is not supposed to be used after the first.

The biggest problem here is that Georgia, where I am a resident, restricts access to birth control for the poor and seriously limits access to abortion services period. To me, this story is mainly about desperation for a person caught in a conservative vice.


At first, I was sure you meant “vise,” but on second thought, restricting access to reproductive health services for the poor really is a conservative vice.


is there a petition you saw somewhere to vote against “murder” ruling?!

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