Abortion conviction quashed, but woman charged after miscarriage still faces jail for "neglect"


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Yeah, how dare her not have a baby so that the right-wingers can formally neglect it on an institutional level. How else can they maximize the fear and suffering in this world?

They’re not just assholes, they’re the stuff assholes are meant to keep from falling out all the time.


At least Republicans are ideologically consistent by supporting free access to prenatal care and drug treatment programs, ensuring that every pregnant woman has the best chance of delivering a healthy OH FOR FUCKS SAKES


The neglect charge (Patel claimed stillbirth, prosecutors argued that the fetus was alive for a period of seconds after birth) is still serious; the statute book allows for six months to three years, though news reports suggest

So the neglect charge is for what she did within seconds of the birth of the baby? A few seconds actually isn’t enough time to neglect a child (it’s enough time to abuse it, but not neglect it). Plus, holding a woman criminal responsible for her behaviour within a few seconds of giving birth seems absolutely out of this world.


She failed to seek medical care for it, is the rationale. It’s obviously bullshit – just a way to punish her for the abortion another way.

They fucked up, in that the 20-year conviction was so outrageous it scared everyone. But a few months… now that’s a doable long-term jailed-for-abortion deal, to these guys.


Oh yes! That’s exactly what it is… a rationalization.

These people want to attack a subset of the population they don’t like, they’re not interested in improving the human condition and they’re certainly not interested in the welfare of the child.

They’re just…mean, petty children in adult bodies.


Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice


It beggars belief that this is happening in a developed country. What is happening to the US?


To punish her for the perceived abortion. She says it was a miscarriage and no trace of drugs they claimed she took was found in her.

But yeah, it’s fucking nonsense. The defense had a doctor saying the baby would not have been able to breath on its own and would have been stillborn (never alive, and thus not capable of being neglected) and the prosecution had a doctor saying it would have been able to breath. How that amounts to “beyond a reasonable doubt” I can’t quite see.

She’s really being punished for putting the dead baby in a dumpster. That’s what the jury convicted her on. And they did that because people have no empathy.


Look, if you can’t kick someone while they’re down, then why bother having people below you?


Indiana? Why, that’s the home state of Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence! Let’s have him weigh in on this matter!


Bear in mind that this is Indiana, Pence’s state. It was in his first year as governor that she was tried. He’s that Circus Peanut’s running mate. The guy who said he believed in “consequences” for abortion. This is what consequences look like.


If only a lack of empathy was easily proven: a new standard of diminished capacity would be very helpful at this point.


I know this may be unpopular in some circles but I firmly believe that the fetus can safely be aborted up until the 75th (I have no idea if I did my math right at the moment :head_bandage: :frowning2: ) trimester.


18th birthday?


I’m pretty sure they go from larvae to sentient at around 3 years. :wink:


It’s sliding into a Hell ruled over by Tea Baggers and “Christians”


Words fail me. That poor woman.


I believe he has weighed in which is why this woman has been subjected to this whole ludicrous ordeal.


Which is where my mind should’ve gone first instead of being so focused on being angry.

I can’t like this post enough. Thanks.