Louisiana moves bill forward to classify abortion as murder

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I think the next big step for all those red states (after passing abortion bans) will be to legislate bans for various medical procedures. We’re already seeing that with some states banning medical trans procedures. But just wait for all the other stuff.


If you are a fast runner they will amputate your legs. That was meant to be unfunny…


Can we just cut to the chase and simply criminalize poverty as that is not only the result of abortion laws but also the goal of them.


Gonna be a hell of a thing whenever these goons get around to sentencing a woman to death for having a miscarriage or terminating an ectopic pregnancy…


When they explicitly sentence a woman to death. They know full well that every restriction and ban already implicitly does so…


No perhaps to it. This is the whole enchilada. End access to woman-controlled contraception. Pills, IUD’s, hormonal inserts, implants or rings, Plan B, any and all of them can, by some definitions, take effect after fertilization. Same with ectopic pregnancy, potentially for molar pregnancies. No treatment for dysmenorrhea or endometriosis, might affect an egg! No, the mask is off. This was never about “protecting babies.” It’s about putting those “overeducated women” back in the kitchen where they belong.


If it was about children they’d be providing childcare.


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They keep saying that they want an armed revolution. Be careful what you wish for.


If you’re not involved (and I suspect most of you are), please look into what you can do to actively help people in these states. My wife and I are joining the “Auntie” network to provide shelter and transportation across state lines for those whose healthcare and abortion care are being turned into crimes.

Yep. Exactly.


Back when the “Tea Party” was all the hotness among regressives (scare quotes because yeah right and also because the original was a racist act of cowardice) and after ACA passage when GOP governors refused funding to expand Medicare and set up exchanges I began to argue that the effect of these idiotic reactionary measures would be counter-productive. States that treated their people with open contempt would see an acceleration of the decline in quality of life and health outcomes and talented youth would flee to more open and liberal states. Unfortunately, a decade’s worth of statistics bears this out. Instead of learning any lessons, we see them doubling down in ways that are quite literally illogical in every way except as mere rabble rousing. The horrors that are about to unfold in their states are going to shock even those that thought they supported overturning Roe. And their response will be to go after information (more than they already have). To shut down dissent, the press and the right of redress. I never believed another civil war was possible because red states are so dependent upon blue states. However, at this point, I’m not sure that it won’t be blue states that invoke secession first. I, for one am sick of being associated with these anti-family hatemongers. We need to begin setting the infrastructure for a new Underground Railroad asap.


First hand experience in this fight is needed, we have to point the way, say it loud, and say it often in our communities, where ever you live.

get the word out


Wow, I hadn’t heard of that. Thanks!

Link for those also concerned:


Louisiana must be doing really well in every way if the politicians there can spend their time trying to criminalize being a woman.

Or not.

And yet, clearly all that isn’t awful enough because they’re trying to make it more horrible. How much worse than the Louisiana hellscape does the whole country have to be for republican voters to wise the f*ck up?


They may well have learned the lessons. If the people fleeing to more open and liberal states are disproportionately likely to vote for a liberal candidate this is a way to hang onto power longer than previously predicted. Like gerrymandering except by moving people as opposed to moving district lines.

Kind of clever, I might even admire the thinking if it didn’t come with a full serving of “kill a bunch of people” and “if they end up living, hope they are miserable enough to uproot their lives and flee before my wraith”. You know, the kind of stuff we normally think only happens in dystopian novels/movies.


So, if this bill classifies abortion as murder, I’m guessing the statute of limitations for murder will also apply? Ie, they could attempt to prosecute abortions even if they occurred while RvW was in effect?


Maybe the blue states that support the red states should consider sanctions.


This. I was thinking there should be a law to automatically charge Louisiana parents with child abuse for having children in Louisiana.