Woman gets hysterectomy and discovers her teeth are missing


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Just where were those teeth located? :wink:


Difficulty inserting an airway?



That’s a terrifying story. It’s invasive enough to get a hysterectomy. And now she’s had some other totally unrelated procedure without her consent?


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Is she absolutely sure she had them when she went in?


If I ever have to go under for surgery, I might consider writing a message in sharpie on my chest saying “I’m here for [operation I’m supposed to have]. If you do any unrelated procedures on me I will sue you.”


Well, it could certainly have happened due to problems inserting an airway ventilation tube down her throat. But I would expect someone to notice it happening in the middle of surgery.


Good surgeons do just that.


Yeah, wasn’t there stories on BB recently about general anesthesia screwing with your memory? Mabye this http://boingboing.net/2015/07/15/man-with-90-minute-memory-loop.html


Maybe they are afraid to disclose? That seems highly suspect. It seems like they would simply explain that there were complications during Tracheal intubation, and her teeth had to be removed. Perhaps they goofed and don’t want more questions asked, but it seems like expecting a person to not-notice missing teeth is a bit much.

Otherwise, do they have some kind of tooth-fetish surgeon there?


Sounds like it. In virtually every surgery that involves general anaesthesia, the anaesthesiologist intubates the patient. In other words, he sticks a tube down the patient’s throat so the respirator can pump air into his or her lungs.

This is why in the pre-op procedures, they ask you if you have cavities, gum disease or dental problems - the anaesthesiologist is trying to avoid knocking your teeth out during intubation.

I am concerned that this woman has no explanation. If the explanation is “We’re sorry, we accidentally knocked your teeth out during intubation, it looks like you have signs of gum disease and you need to see a dentist”, that’s fine. When the woman’s saying “What happened to my teeth?” and has no answer, that’s a problem.


I guess she should have used her phone to record the audio.

It would be pretty interesting to hear: “Just once Bill, I’d like to get through an hysterectomy without you stealing a woman’s teeth, why do you have to be such a freak.”


Either that, or (from looking at the rest of her teeth) they were loose and the surgeon was afraid she would swallow them.


I was wondering whether the anesthesia erased the memory of an earlier visit to the dentist…Which is itself a scary prospect…


You think that’s terrifying, what about the poor lady who went in at the same time to get her teeth removed and woke up missing her uterus… :scream:

OR maybe that is exactly what happened since no one seems to know what happened to them. they were already loose and got knocked out and accidentally swallowed.


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