Woman impersonates dead sister while wearing her memorial shirt


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Wearing the shirt was dumb, but I’m disinclined (without more information) to shame her for pulling this scam to get medical attention. It’s rough out here.



If there was single-payer free at the point of use healthcare for all then situations like this wouldn’t occur.

I can’t imagine this person wanted to impersonate her dead sister just to get access to healthcare.


The surprising thing is that she thought it would have a chance of working. If the sister didn’t have any coverage she’d hardly be worth impersonating, since that wouldn’t improve the odds of treatment; but if she did have coverage the odds would be very, very, good that she is on file(as indeed she was).

For an ER-and-run I can see it working; but that’s also the situation most likely to work without coverage. For anything longer term, somebody is going to fill out a form and throw up the error before the medical side is finished with you. There must be something complicating this story somehow.

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They should also go ahead and round up whomever designed that shirt, because yeesh, talk about a crime.

Or that she thought she had nothing to lose by trying.

I remember when BoingBoing was a directory of wonderful things …


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