Help Spider Robinson's daughter pay her cancer bills


Shitty. His wife died recently from Cancer too.

Do living beneficiaries inherit hospital bills from dead relatives for whom the care was performed?
I’d think it would be motivational for hospitals to only get paid if the person for whom the care was given is still alive and well enough to be able to work to pay the bills.

Better yet, free healthcare for all.


Did you even read the thing? It says that right there.

[quote=“nixiebunny, post:4, topic:47048”]
Do living beneficiaries inherit hospital bills from dead relatives for whom the care was performed?[/quote]

IANAL, but in community property states they’d be jointly liable for the debt. In other common law states necessary expenses, including medical, are still joint liability even if community property is not an issue.

Edited to clarify: This has nothing to do with beneficiaries. It’s a spousal thing.

Looks like you can also donate at - which is good, because the green button isn’t working on Terri’s blog.

Oh, God, poor Spider. :frowning: He’s such a good guy. Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon remains in my top five books of all time.

Apologies for my ignorance, but how does one die of breast cancer specifically? I would have thought that cancer in a part of the body that can be removed would always be treated by mastectomy if nothing else, and if it metastasized to a more crucial/inoperable organ it would no longer technically be “breast” cancer. Obviously there’s something I don’t know.

Ah, America, where healthcare reform means people can still go bankrupt paying medical bills.

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Is that Olympic curler, Ann Swisshelm with her?

Apparently not very well…

I think that they call the cancer you die from the same thing as the one that first hits you. The resulting cancer that metastasized, the one that kills you, is considered a byproduct of the original cancer. At least that’s how it is in the childhood cancer world that I live in.


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