Cleveland wants Tamir Rice's family to pay the EMS bill generated by killing him


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Or it could be the computer just sends those out to every unpaid account.


It’s a probate court filing, with a human being’s (electronic) signature on it.

What you say might yet be true, obviously.


When do we finally, collectively acknowledge we live in a futuristic, Terry Gilliam style dystopian joke? I personally like the day to day of living in the US (even if silicon valley is surreal and feels like it recursively breaks its own fourth wall), but paying for yourself to get murdered by the state?


In Japan, suicide-by-train results in a bill to the deceased’s family.

It’s a dystopian world.


“$50 of the bill is for gas, but they didn’t charge him for the bullet.”

Yet, the bill for surreptitiously being in the way of a bullet it seems hasn’t been caught by the system.


In a sick way I can almost understand why suicide would be treated differently. But tamir was fucking murdered. By the state.

I think I’m gonna go move to Malta or the Seychelles and live on a beach with no internet some day :slight_smile:

(BTW, how ya been?)


How much for the salt they’re rubbing in the wound?


In slightly less horrible news:


Oh, that salt in the wound thing is free.


I’ve been staring at different things for a little while. I’m still checking in though, and I read some threads.

To your point, I agree that the suicide issue is different from being charged for your own murder-by-cop.


This sounds like it calls for an affirmative defense of not being the proper party:

Translation: Go sue yourself. Literally.


Nah, Sam Lowry delivered a PAYMENT to Mrs. Buttle.


You could say they charged for the bullet when they rounded up on the mileage from Cudell to Metro.


Stay classy and go fuck yourself Cleveland


Yea, I could be wrong, but I would imagine an actual human would be aware that a black kid in middle school probably doesn’t have an estate worth $500, although maybe they’re hoping to get his Pokemon cards.


And I used to think the Chinese government cruel for charging the families of those executed by firing squad for the bullet… Between this case and the one where a policeman is suing the family of the guy he killed for the mental anguish incurred in the process of killing him, I am ready to declare myself Wonko the Sane.




see… that’s the whole problem.


WELP, that’s it folks. Sigh. We took a shot, we couldn’t make it work; time to pack it in and make way for the dolphins.