Woman with 4-inch tongue enjoys large YouTube following




Calling it.

Gene Simmon’s Daughter.


Talent is hard to find these days.



Human tongue. I’m sure there are critters out there with longer ones, even if you consider only critters smaller than a human. What’s a chameleon’s tongue length?


Due to its large size, several organs of the blue whale are the largest in the animal kingdom. A blue whale’s tongue weighs around 2.7 tonnes (3.0 short tons)[41] and, when fully expanded,




Well, she can lick her balls… eyeballs that is.


I like how she has to remind people to keep their comments clean on every video. If I were her I’m not sure the celebrity would be worth it.


Clicked some of those expecting to be grossed out, instead saw someone who was surprisingly engaging and likable.


My first reaction to this was, “I can’t even begin to imagine how bad the Youtube comments are…” Any Youtube video with women doing anything in any context ends up with horrible comments, so it’s really an issue of whether it’s “worth” being a woman on Youtube…




If you only knew how tempted I was to add that “c” when I originally typed that. But given her admonishments to keep it clean, I took the high road. Unlike, ahem, some people.


That means that I would need my 4-inch heels… Unfortunately, I borrowed them to RDJ, so I am as low as I can go:


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